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Derek Read

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Yes, both XMAX and Author can handle this.

The files do not have to be in the same folder, but the paths to them must be correct (best to use relative paths in this case of course).

The only exception to this rule that I can think of would be if you were using a CMS system (like Documentum) that does not support folder structures in the CMS cache on the local machine where it places any files required by an editing tool like XMetaL Author (XSD, DTD, CSS, CTM, etc), assuming those files are served up by the CMS (which is the case for most CMS systems that integrate with XMetaL Author or XMAX). In this case a CMS may force you to rewrite your Schema (or DTD) so that all referenced files are in the same folder (and all paths are therefore relative paths specifying just the filename = relative to the same folder).