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Derek Read

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Are you asking if you can use a form created for use with Word inside XMetaL?

You can't do this directly as the forms XMetaL Author and XMAX support (either as dialogs or embedded within XML documents) are proprietary “XFT” forms (= XMetaL Forms Toolkit) that are created with the form design tool that comes with XMetaL Developer.

There is a long shot that you could reuse these, but I doubt it.

An XFT form can host ActiveX controls, so for example, you can embed the “webbrowser control” version of Internet Explorer, the Windows “calendar control” or any other Microsoft or proper 3rd party ActiveX control that has a GUI inside an XFT form. So, if there is a way to run your form via some ActiveX control (perhaps part of Word or Office) then it might be possible to embed that control into an XFT form and have the control render your Word form.

It is also possible to host ActiveX controls directly within an XML document inside XMetaL in a similar way. The limiting factor here (again) is that you would need to have an ActiveX control capable of rendering your Word form.

Having said that, both of these solutions would only get you as far as rendering the form. How it would interact with XMetaL would require additional coding (if possible). Your form would probably need to be rewritten to either interact with the XFT it is embedded within (which in turn can interact with the XML document via XMetaL APIs) or directly through XMetaL APIs.