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Derek Read

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I see that in my current version of Notepad when a particular font is missing glyphs the characters may still render. This was not the case in previous versions, where characters with missing glyphs would render using the “missing glyph” picture — an empty square.

This is most likely because I have the “Asian Languages Pack” installed on my copy of XP, which adds a font fall-back mechanism to some applications like Notepad, where the system will search for a font that has the glyph when the current font does not have one and substitute it. So, Notepad may not be the best way to figure out if a particular font has a particular glyph. I'll post some screenshots to make this clear.

I'd stick with charmap.exe if you need to be really sure for fonts you already have installed.

One other possibly very useful tool for figuring this stuff out, which would help greatly for people that need to decide if a font will work when they purchase or license it (some fonts require licensing to allow you to embed them) is this website which helps to find fonts that have glyphs for a particular character: http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/search.htm