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Derek Read

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Which font is being used?

The missing punctuation really sounds like missing glyphs in the font to me (which means that RenderX has nothing to embed into the PDF for these characters so you see blanks instead).

Check to see that the font you are using has these glyphs using Windows charmap.exe or by setting Notepad to use the font and pasting the characters into it.

If we are talking about the “fullwidth” punctuation characters in the Unicode range U+FF01 to U+FF60, it does seem surprising that a Chinese font would not implement at least the basic fullwidth glyphs, perhaps at least U+FF01 to U+FF20, which are basically the fullwidth forms of U+0021 to U+002F = !"#$%&'()*+,-., but it is possible.

The reason punctuation “entered as English” might work is simply because these would be punctuation characters from the Unicode ranges U+0021 to U+002F (!"#$%&'()*+,-./) and maybe U+003A to U+003F (:;<=>?) and practically all fonts would have glyphs for them. The U+0020 to U+007E range is basically a lowest common denominator, the characters being equivalent to the visible (non-control) characters of ASCII which every font is almost sure to implement glyphs for regardless of the primary language the font was designed for.