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Derek Read

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XMetaL Author itself has APIs that let you manipulate what is listed in the Element List (adding and removing the items listed), so in theory this could be done. However, in practice we have not officially tested this with the DITA solution that ships with XMetaL Author Enterprise, which is essentially a very complex XMetaL Author customization and doing this is not yet supported (as of 6.0).

We are aware that this is something people may wish to do and so are looking at ways that will make it easy to configure this (ideally all in one place). I don't see that occurring too soon though.

If this was not for DITA then you could incorporate the API ElementList.RemoveItem("elementname") into an event macro called in On_Update_ElementList in your customization.

However, because this is for DITA it needs to play well with the rest of the DITA solution, and there is no proper way to do that at the moment. Ideally (if we had implemented something) it would probably be another prototype method as described in the documentation inside the following file C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorDITAXACsditabaseditabase_ditabase.off.js though ultimately this feature may be implemented another way.

Also, simply removing the elements from the Element List may not be good enough for some people, as that will not stop people from adding these elements in PlainText view, pasting them in, or opening documents that contain them. Varying degrees from “completely ban them even though they are allowed by the DTD” to “warn me” (perhaps with some kind of additional customizable business rules logic) might also be desired by different clients (and we are thinking about this stuff).