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Derek Read

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Interesting find gcrews. I've found this article as well:

It lists the following McAfee KB articles that may be of interest:
kb40067, kb47302, and kb40049.

McAfee seems to have changed those numbers however. Searching for them on McAfee's site will turn up the following…

An article called “Third-party application stops responding when ScriptScan is running”. This seems old (2008) but might still apply, or perhaps a similar issue has re-appeared in newer versions:

“Problem 4” in the following article (also from 2008) lists a few applications that are known to crash when ScriptScan is enabled:

This newer article from May 2010 discusses various workarounds for issues related to ScriptScan:

At this point perhaps people suspecting McAfee is crashing our product should communicate their findings directly to McAfee so they are aware of the issue. Hearing an issue from multiple sources always gets the attention of a software vendor, and you can give them the exact details they might ask for (I don't know what they would want to know specifically about any system).

I have yet to reproduce any problems. Our latest suspicion is that it might be because I have been testing on a VM and not a real machine and that McAfee's software may function differently on real hardware. I am in the process of setting up some tests on a real machine. So, at the moment I don't have much to tell them. As soon as I have a reproducible test case I will be contacting them myself.