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We could not launch XMetaL 6.0 trial version ( with a previoius 4.5 Author version installed. By following Derek's instructions, we also confirm it did fix that problem. hth

We now know of a potential crash that may be related to the various crashes people are seeing here.

If our suspicions are correct this only affects machines that had an older version of XMetaL Author (Essential or Enterprise) on it before installing XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0. We think that on such a machine older versions of DLLs used for spell checking were not updated by the 6.0 installer.

Removing these files manually and then forcing the 6.0 installer to restore them using “Repair” should hopefully address this problem.

1. On the machine with XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 installed locate the following folder and delete it: C:Program FilesCorelSharedXMetaLWriting Tools10.0
This is the path for an English language version of Windows, if you have installed to another language version of Windows the C:Program Files portion may differ).

2. In the Windows Control Panel launch the “Add or Remove Programs” tool.

3. From the list of installed programs select “XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0” then click the “Change” button.

4. In the dialog that appears select the “Next” button, then select the “Repair” radio button, then click “Next”, then click “Install…” and allow the installer to complete.

We have had one confirmation from a client that this addressed crashes for them as well as an inability in some cases to launch the product.