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Derek Read

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Best to test this on one or two machines before you start rolling out this fix to all users.

This does not work for me:
setup.exe /s /v"/qb /norestart ALLUSERS=1"

However, this does perform a repair for me:
msiexec.exe /f {FADC4112-2EFE-4456-85B4-4D28FFC717C6} /qn

If you have trouble with that omit the /qn directive and check the error raised by msiexec.exe

Alternatively, you can use something like this:
msiexec.exe /f "C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsTempXMEE 6.0xmetalXMetaL Author Enterprise.msi" /qn

Note that msiexec.exe is the Windows Installer tool located in C:WindowsSystem32 so should not need a path to run.

Two requirements:
1. The files used to do the original installation must still be present (this is the same requirement if you wish to use the Repair feature via Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel). As they are typically unpacked to a Windows temp folder they may have been removed either by the user or by some other automated cleanup process.
2. If used, the path to XMetaL Author Enterprise.msi must be correct. In my example should be replaced with the user's account name, assuming this is where the original installer unpacked itself to. This entire path might be completely different in your installations.

Microsoft docs for msiexec.exe running on Windows XP: