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At the risk of providing too much information, I ran a complete system profile using Belarc Advisor (use at your own risk — my corporate network switch saw one of its tests as malicious and shut down my LAN connection, resulting in some downtime for me). The results are attached; they are zipped because HTML attachments are not allowed on this forum.

If others could post their results (AndrewinKC?), perhaps they could be cross-referenced to determine what other common factors are present in our configurations. This file contains software license and login information, so be sure to remove that before posting.

I am very interested in seeing this issue resolved. It is preventing me from deploying 6.0 to any new users, and I cannot justify continuing a maintenance arrangement for a tool where I am stuck with an old (and eventually unsupported) version that is, in my opinion, well inferior to the excellent work being done on this product.