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Hi Su-Laine,

Yes, Derek actually asked that I try that in an e-mail conversation. I was able to boot one machine into safe mode and the problem persisted.

To recap briefly, I have four test machines. Two are company-owned and cannot be booted to safe mode. One is a personal machine of mine, which does not exhibit this behavior (and does not have McAfee installed), and the fourth is a coworker's personal machine that does have McAfee installed (this is the one that we tried your suggestion on).

I will also say that I agree with Andrew's reports that this crash may not be isolated to the map editor. It has now also occurred for me when using the attribute inspector. I have not tried applying conditions as he describes in his most recent post, but that is interesting as it is also attribute-related.

Please keep us posted on your progress, and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help troubleshoot. I understand that it is impossible to replicate all possible client system configurations in a QA environment.