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Su-Laine Yeo

Reply to: Upgrade to 6.0 — map editor crash?

Thanks everyone for the reports. It looks like at least two organizations that are reporting crashes with XMetaL 6.0 are using McAfee antivirus software. So it would be really helpful for us to know the following:

1) Is anyone seeing an unusual number of crashes with XMetaL 6.0 who is not using McAfee antivirus software?

2) If you are seeing crashes with XMetaL 6.0 and you are using McAfee antivirus software: Can you try booting one of these problem machines into Windows “safe mode”? I'm hoping that might allow you to bypass the anti-virus software to run XMetaL Author Enterprise without it running. You may wish to do a complete scan of the system prior to this and (if really paranoid) disconnect from your network just in case.