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Derek Read

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My first gut reaction is that whatever you have working outside the CMS is not actually being used by XMetaL Author when you deploy it via the CMS.

To confirm this try making a change in an unrelated file, such as the CSS (make something obviously different like pink text) and then see if that is picked up. If it isn't then you may be getting the wrong XAC loading up.

To see what's inside the XAC you can run this code and it will give you the directory where the XAC has been extracted to (at which point you should be able to check the contents of the CSS, CTM, MCR, etc):

//XMetaL Script Language JScript:

You may also wish to confirm that this is working by loading the XMetaL customization on a “clean” machine that does not have XMetaL Developer on it and that has a fresh copy of XMetaL Author to make sure you will be seeing exactly what the end users will see (ie: no stray customization files lying around).