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Derek Read

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The problem appears to be that anyone that had 5.5 installed and used it would have had a copy of the DITA OT deployed by 5.5.

When you uninstall 5.5 the software is removed, however, any files updated after the initial installation are left alone. The installer does not consider them files it “owns” (you might have modified them on purpose and want to keep them). This includes the DITA OT in your per-user folder, which is deployed separately for each user on your computer and which is very frequently modified to produce output that varies from the default DITA OT outputs.

If you install 6.0 and generate output it sees that you have a copy of the DITA OT already deployed in your per user folder and so it uses that. However, your copy does not have WebHelp (because it did not exist with 5.5).

Solution is to force the DITA OT to be redeployed.

Before you do this however, be aware that any changes you may have made to the DITA OT files sitting in your per user folder (typically C:Documents and Settings…) will be lost. If you do customize the DITA OT you should read this topic:


For people that just use the DITA OT as is you can simply change the value for the parameter called cmd_dita_ot_per_user_version  = 

This parameter is in Tools > Configure Output > Advanced (tab)

Change the value for to be greater than currently shown (or if not set add the parameter with a value of at least 1). Then the next time you generate output you need to say “yes” when asked if you want to redeploy the DITA OT so that it is redeployed. The redeployed version will be the updated version that ships with 6.0 and that includes webhelp.