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Derek Read

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Basically both of these params tell XMetaL to create a copy of the files in a structure that is flattened (all files in one folder with all links re-referenced to point to copies in that folder).

When cmd_cms_sandboxing=yes AND you are using a CMS based on our “XMetaL Connector” APIs then this parameter takes effect and makes sure the DITA OT can find everything and the links will all work. If cmd_cms_sandboxing=no AND you are using a CMS then most likely output will fail. If a CMS is not being used then it doesn't matter what this setting is as it does not come into play. So, basically it is not a good idea to change this setting, it will either do nothing (no CMS) or may break your output (with CMS). You can ask your CMS vendor if they have based their integration with XMetaL Author on “XMetaL Connector”.

The param cmd_fs_sandboxing is similar, but was really implemented for testing purposes. When set to “yes” it does the same “flattening” and re-linking as above when a CMS is not being used. In my opinion it should not have been exposed like this. It is not meant to be used by clients and should be left set as is (removing it will have the same result as setting it to “no”).