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As part of the process for generating output, XMetaL “sandboxes” the files you are working on before handing the sandboxed version over to the DITA OT (one additional step before the DITA OT begins its processing).

So, Derek, I got to this discussion because I've been trying to figure out what the cms and fs sandboxing commands (in the Advanced tab of the Configure Output dialog box). Here were my guesses:

cmd_cms_sandboxing – This controls a restricted environment in the repository which certain functions are prohibited. Sandboxes are used when executable code has come from an external
source that is not entirely trusted.
cmd_fs_sandboxing – This controls the sandboxing environment on the file server.

So, first off, am I right? Second off, if we leave the CMS environment (which we have done, actually) do we change these settings?

Under what circumstance would we ever change these settings?