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Derek Read

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The XMAX installer has an item for copying the spell checker installer to a location of your choice. You then run that installer on the user's machine to install it. This is a standard .exe installer.


The spell checker totals over 50MB when installed (mostly for the files needed for the 30 languages it supports) so bundling it inside the XMAX installer would make that installer very big and some of our clients have informed us they want the XMAX installer to be as small as possible. It is optional (and additional) in order to allow developers creating a solution based on XMAX to make the decision of whether to bundle it or not. Both the XMAX installer and the spell checker installer can be run silently if you wish to bundle them both into your own installer or part of another installation process.

Some useful information on the spell checker for XMAX is included with the API called “IsSpellCheckerInstalled” in the Programmers Guide. The other API you need to implement is ShowSpellChecker(). The logic for most people will basically be as described in the IsSpellCheckerInstalled documentation:

[code]//Jscript example
function isSpellCheckerInstalled()
if (myXMControl.IsSpellCheckerInstalled)
alert(“Spell Checker Installed!”);
alert(“Spell Checker not available”);

If you have specific requirements for the spell checker that would make things easier for you please submit a support case through the regular support channels detailing what the feature would be. We can then log this as a feature request to consider for the future.

If you need an alternative solution immediately it might be possible for our Professional Services team to repackage the spell checker specifically for you. Work done by Professional Services is normally done on a contractual basis (and Sales can put you in touch).