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Derek Read

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I've tried producing output in various formats and don't see any extra space. I've tested with using “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX” and “Multiple HTML” and get the same results as far as I can tell.

When I don't specify any conditional text settings during output the content of both elements is run together with no spaces between them, or before or after them, as expected (as that is how they appear in your ditacomponent file. However, that's not what you want.

When I specify either to include product="foundation" or product="platform" content only, I get the content for one of the elements and no extra spaces are entered before, in the middle or after the text.

I created the file containing the elements using cut and paste from this forum directly into a blank file. That may be contributing to the issue and I may not be testing with content on disk that is the same as what you have as the forum may have removed some white-spaces or something. Perhaps you can include more of your files here or submit a support case that includes them along with the PDF file you are getting.