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we are using XMetaL Author Enterprise – Version#: Service Pack 1

I just tested it in the “XML View of Map” and it doses seem to work properly. The issue is when  using the “Topic Reference Properties” in the Map Editor View witch is what we mainly use.

1. Open a DITA Map in “Map Editor view” that contains at least one element.
2. Select a map item and click the “properties…” button. The “Topic Reference Properties” dialog opens.
3. On the “Special Attributes” tab make a change to one of the values, set any of the items to a value.
4. Click the “OK” button to dismiss the dialog.
5. Open the “properties…” again and the setting is correctly changed.
6. Now set that value to blank and click “OK”.
7. Open the “properties…” again and you can see the setting was not saved.