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Derek Read

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I'm guessing at the steps you are performing and cannot reproduce the problem.

Tested with the following attributes running XMetaL Author Enterprise version

collection-type, scope, type, format, linking, include-in-toc, print, and chunk

Can you please specify which version of XMetaL Author Enterprise you are running and detail the steps you are performing?

My guess:
1. Open a DITA Map in “XML View of Map” that contains at least one element.
2. Double click on a
element. The “Topic Reference Properties” dialog opens.
3. On the “Special Attributes” tab make a change to one of the values, by either selecting it and deleting it with the Delete key or by selecting an empty option from a dropdown.
4. Click the “OK” button to dismiss the dialog.
5. Look in the Attribute Inspector or switch to PlainText view to confirm that the attribute has been deleted.