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Derek Read

Reply to: Invalid xref rendering in "Enhanced PDF via RenderX"?

Either I cannot reproduce the issue because I cannot create a set of files containing the same content you have, or I don't understand exactly what is being described.

To start, when you generate your PDF which “deliverable type” are you selecting?
There is possibly a difference between them:
– PDF via FO with default processing (PDF transtype)
– Book via RenderX (PDF2 transtype)
– XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP (our “PDF3” transtype)

Do you have the option (checkbox) “show related links in output” checked? (this is done in Tools > Configure Output)

Which version of XMetaL Author Enterprise are you running?

If you can provide a set of test files inside a zip that would be best. Then we'd have exactly the same files to work with. Pare this down to just enough files needed to reproduce the issue (I think a map, reference topic and the topic that reference topic references is likely enough).