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Derek Read

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There is a section in the readme.html file that talks about this. That file is located in the same folder you installed XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.5 to.

I am copying the specific section here for your convenience. However, there are possibly other things you may wish to be aware of so it is best to read that file in its entirety.

Generating PDF output still shows watermark after activating from a Trial to Full version
Before you generate output from a map after activating a Trial version to a Full version, do the following:
1. Click Tools > Configure Output and click the Advanced tab.
2. In the Advanced tab, change the value of the cmd_dita_ot_per_user_version parameter as follows: cmd_dita_ot_per_user_version = 0
When you generate output, you may be asked if you want to upgrade to a newer version of the toolkit. Click OK.