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Derek Read

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The folders in the Temp folder are being created because you are deploying a XAC file. If you remove this file (assuming you do not wish to use it) then you will not see this behavior. The XAC file contains (probably) all of the other files you have listed here but compressed into a ZIP file given a XAC file extension with the meta-inf.xml file (a manifest) added. When XMetaL Author or XMAX find the XAC file they must first unzip this file and that is where the folder myDTDa02680 is coming from (the last part will alter each time it is unpacked). Part of the XMetaL logic is to write out the TBR file at closing, and it does this to the same folder if possible, which is the case for you.

If you wish to use the XAC deployment method then you do not need any of the other files in your customization. If you do not wish to use the XAC deployment method it looks like your customization does include all the files. XMetaL Developer may not make this clear because when you ask it to Build your project it creates both and puts all the files in the same folder.