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Derek Read

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This usually occurs when an XMetaL customization is acting up (sometimes triggered by specific steps you have performed) or when the customization is not installed correctly (one or more files are missing or corrupted, etc).

The last error (…some unknown script is running…) typically indicates that part of the customization you are using is either still actually busy (it may be accessing some other software that has not finished running, etc) or more often it has referenced an ActiveX control and that reference has not been cleaned up after use. When XMetaL finds these types of open references it assumes that it is not allowed to terminate (which is why it shows this message). A customization should be written to avoid this problem.

You may try reinstalling the customization and if that does not work do a fresh installation of both XMetaL Author and the customization you are using. If that does not resolve the issue, and the issue occurs only after performing specific steps it is best to contact the makers of the customization and have them debug it. In turn, if the people that made the customization cannot resolve the problem they may submit a support case with XMetaL Support along with reproduction details and they will try to help out.