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Derek Read

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You can only add true ActiveX controls to the Resource Manager and it is unlikely we will be supporting .NET controls in there soon (though never say never).

There are two things I can think of, one possibly useful in your case, the other probably not so much:

1) If you are able to get whatever you have built to load itself into Internet Explorer then you could embed IE into the Resource Manager. This assumes the restriction on using ActiveX controls does not include IE, which in this case is itself an ActiveX control. For an example of loading an HTML page into the ResourceManager see the Meeting Minutes sample and the meeting.mcr file located in the Macros subfolder of your XMetaL Author installation (search for “ResourceManager”).

2) Create an ActiveX control wrapper that itself embeds your DLL then embed the ActiveX control in the Resource Manager. Of course, this goes against the policies of the company in question and does not actually help you I guess. This solution is more for people restricted to developing purely in .NET and that cannot (for whatever reason) create a proper ActiveX control. I do at one point remember seeing a tutorial or instructions on how to create such a wrapper (lots of apps allowing embedding of ActiveX but not too many can handle .NET stuff, including most versions of Word, etc) but unfortunately I cannot seem to locate them at the moment. I can't remember if they were at MSDN, SourceForge, CodeProject (my most frequented sources) or elsewhere.