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Derek Read

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The original feature being asked for here (the ability to set attributes for more than one “cell” at at time) is included with XMetaL Author Enterprise and Essential 8.0. If you select multiple cells in a table (CALS or HTML) the context menu (right click) now has an item named “Fill Cell Attributes” that launches a special dialog that lets you set attributes of your choosing to the same value for all the selected cells. The default value comes from the first cell you selected, and you can type over it (or select another value when it is an enumerated attribute).

I don't believe there are any plans to expose a similar feature in XMAX 8.0 given the current schedule, but we like to make it possible to do everything you can do in XMetaL Author in XMAX so I hope the capability (possibly through APIs) will be added at some point.

If you have a different or more specific requirement it would be best to submit a feature request via XMetaL Support.