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Derek Read

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There is no known way to do what you want to do. The way the Selection object functions when in the context of tables (when those tables are being rendered “graphically” as tables) is to return the top left element (table cell) in the selection when that selection consists of more than one element (table cells and / or rows). This is the same regardless of which of the two supported table models you are working with (CALS and HTML).

When tables are not rendered graphically as tables (by using the INI variable tags_on_graphical_tables = false) then the Selection object returns the “normal” type of selection (ie: it spans from the left to the right of what you see the user having selected on the screen and contains all the content in the middle, and you can collapse it left, right, navigate within it, etc), however, by default tables are rendered “graphically”.

One option I can think of that might give your client similar functionality would be to display a dialog that allows them to specify how many cells to the right or down (for example) to apply the identical attribute values to. You can then obtain the Selection (which will be the top left cell even if multiple cells are selected) and walk through the table using the Selection or Range object according to what the user has specified.

We are aware that people want to do these types of things and long term we would like to make it possible to do this sort of thing both in the standard user interface and through our APIs.