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Derek Read

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The most likely cause for this is a call to the API method ActiveDocument.CreatePreviewFile(); in a customization you are working with. This API attempts to save a copy of the current document to the same folder and if successful the file is named as you have noted (HMxx.xml) with the full path being returned by the API for use later on in your script (if needed).

If CreatePreviewFile() is being called by your customization keep in mind that XMetaL Author does not make any attempt to remove these temporary files. This job is left up to the person that created the script to handle (using the Windows File System Object or other method for manipulating files on disk). If you  need to see an example of how to clean up these files (so you can do the same thing in your customization) you can have a look at the multipleOutput.mcr file which is included in the AuthorStartup folder,which uses FSO to clean up these temp files (as recommended in the Programmer's Guide under the topic “CreatePreviewFile”).