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Derek Read

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We will probably not release a fully Windows 7 supporting version until the new year.

The next release of XMetaL Author Essential and Enterprise (due out hopefully later this fall) will continue to officially support 32-bit versions of XP and Vista only (as our current 5.5 release does).

The 64-bit versions of Windows should allow our software to install and run but in 32-bit mode (XP and Vista have this feature as should Windows 7 I believe) until we specifically support 64-bit.

Preliminary testing shows no major issues (in fact none that I'm aware of) with the pre-release versions of Windows 7 but that does not mean there will be no issues that require us to make adjustments to our products. We made major changes with our 5.5 release to support Vista (specifically to address security, UAC and support for 'limited users') so hopefully anything we do need to do for Windows 7 will be minor in comparison.

Windows 7 also has a compatibility mode feature that may help if you do run into issues attempting to run the 5.5 release there — note however, that I need to state that we cannot officially recommend this. Use your favourite search engine with keywords “Windows 7 XP mode” or “Windows 7 XPM” (or similar) to find information on this topic. Microsoft doesn't seem to be very vocal about it themselves as I write this, but perhaps that will change.