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Derek Read

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Note that there is the potential for a transformation from

to to be “lossy”. The table model doesn't have a concept of merged cells while a regular (CALS)

does. However, even properly handling a transform from a
with merged cells to a using XSLT seems like it would be hard to me.

Having said that, let's not give up here even if there are limitations. I've got a script that uses XSLT and MSXML to do a basic sort of a DITA (CALS) table within the XMetaL itself (the table is replaced with a sorted version). I might see if I can pare down Severan's XSLT to just the table portion and get that working with my script (by replacing my XSLT). Hard to describe, but once you see it you might see the benefits of having this working directly within the editor itself.

Can't promise anything really quickly at the moment, but perhaps as a first step I'll post the table sorting script and then maybe if someone else has time they could adapt it to use the table portion of this XSLT instead of my table sorting XSLT.

I'll try to get the table sorting script up soon (not sure if it needs clean-up, better commenting, etc).