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Correct, if you have a CMS, it should be the CMS's job to do that (or you've spent a lot of money for what exactly?). I was thinking of the file system (or source code repository, e.g. svn or cvs) situation. Yes, you'd want to be able to turn the feature off for those who have a fancy CMS.

Searching and replacing all the files in a given location on disk would present problems for those who break files up into file entities since XMetaL would freak out when opening files without DOCTYPEs. Better would be to prompt the user to open each file entity when it comes to it (and then return to the main file when done).

I would think that DITA users would want to drive it off the ditamap, but you'd have to ask them.

Currently when I have to do this sort of thing I use emacs' dired. With that you can mark files in a directory and then operate on the marked files. However, few of our writers are comfortable enough with emacs to do that.