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Derek Read

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How about a search and replace for all files in a given location on disk?
How important is it that the map be the driver for which files to search within?

Also, would such a feature need to work with a CMS system or tie into existing find and replace functionality provided by the CMS itself? That would be one of the main headaches for us if we were to offer such a feature. When a CMS is involved things become complicated because all the files will either need to have been cached somewhere locally already (not every CMS does this), or they will all need to be checked out to the local machine before a search can be done, or the feature would need to use the existing find and replace functionality built into the CMS. At least one CMS we integrate with (Trisoft) has this feature built into it and they expose it in XMetaL though a menu item, so in that case we'd probably need to provide a method to turn our version off so it doesn't get in the way.

I'm assuming at this point that if you want such a feature you are storing files on your local file system only and not using a CMS, or have a CMS that does not provide this feature. Is that the case for you (and if so, which)?