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Derek Read

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XMetaL Support records show that a case was submitted on 2009/09/02 but did not contain any more information than was provided on the forum so a response was returned the same day asking for more detail and sample files. Perhaps your email system is blocking their messages.

This issue will be tied directly to the DTD/Schema and the customization being used (CSS, CTM, MCR, XFT and other files). It is best to submit your complete customization and a sample XML document in a reply message to the original email thread you started with XMetaL Support (or start a new case and then reply with your files once you get an auto-response).

Please also let them know the size of paper you are printing to, the resolution of the printer and the margins as this will be an important factor in trying to reproduce your problem as that will influence how the document is printed and what will fit on a single page. If you can provide the printer and model number (and they happen to have one, which is unlikely) they might be able to reproduce the issue exactly. However, is is also possible that even after receiving all of this information and test files that XMetaL Support may not be able to reproduce the issue due to the fact that it may be impossible to recreate your specific configuration without having access to your exact printer model. This is just one of those really tricky things to reproduce.