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Derek Read

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In some cases with some customizations when printing from TagsOn or Normal view, what should be the last line of a document (which may also include element tags) may be cut off when printing using the File > Print menu item.

This is a known issue with a simple workaround:
For the root element of the document in your CSS file, which in this case would appear to be , add some additional whitespace to the bottom, similar to this:

  margin-bottom: 25px;

Now if the very last portion of a document fails to print it will be some whitespace that you do not care about. The worst case scenario with this workaround is that your printer might occasionally spit out a blank page.

The element failing to print is not an issue we have seen before (some arbitrary element in the middle of a document) and there are no reports from other clients for this. In order to reproduce this second issue and try to help with it (most likely this would end up being logged as a defect) we would need to see your XML document and customization files. Because this is very specific to the printer settings being used please let us know the  exact paper size and other printer settings (margins, orientation, DPI, etc) that you use. We obviously cannot test every printer, but knowing the printer manufacturer and model may also give some clues as to what might trigger this problem. Please also let us know your Windows version, etc (see this page: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,384.0.html).

Please submit a standard support case containing the information requested directly with the XMetaL Support team via standard support channels.