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Derek Read

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It is impossible to tell what might have caused the error “XMetaL 5.5 has encountered a problem and needs to close…” without seeing all of your code.

We obviously try to capture any exception that might cause the application to crash (standard programming practices). However, in some cases it is still possible to specifically program a script to crash, throw errors, or put the application into an endless loop, call 3rd party software that itself makes Windows instable, etc (these are things you must specifically avoid doing yourself).

In some cases if a client attempts to script something nobody else has done before (the product is very flexible as you have no doubt found), that might  expose an unanticipated limitation. In this case (if you really feel it is a bug with XMetaL) it would be best to submit your customization to XMetaL Support to see if they can reproduce the issue and log a defect report with development if necessary. XMetaL Support does not debug customizations for clients, so ideally if you can create a simple test case with as few lines of code as possible explaining exactly what your could is trying to do that would be best. In some cases it is possible to rewrite scripts to accomplish the same goal while avoiding a newly found issue.