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Derek Read

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Please also note that (as documented in the 5.5 release notes and in Help in 6.0) the Assets tab was deprecated with the 5.5 release. This means we may remove it entirely in a future release.

As people move away from XP to Vista and Windows 7 the INI setting user_setting_mode=per_user must be set in almost all cases as most people cannot log into Windows with the appropriate permissions to use user_setting_mode=default. The latter requires write permission to the C:Program Files folder and on these versions of Windows you not only need to be an admin user you most likely will also need to turn [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_Account_Control]UAC[/url] off. That would be frowned upon by the IT department in most organizations.

Things are slightly easier in XP because there is no UAC feature in that version of Windows, so you just need to worry about having write permission to the Program Files folder to use this INI variable (which still might require intervention by your IT department).

If all you need to do is store bits of XML for insertion at a later time I am working on the prototype for a feature that might be a suitable replacement for that feature of the Assets tab. It does not do everything Assets can do, but it does let you store and retrieve bits of XML (what I'm calling “XML Snippets”).

It is compatible with “limited user” accounts for all versions of Windows. The UI is different from the Assets tab but it lets you select portions of a document to store for later use. Currently I have it storing them in “..My DocumentsXMetaLXML Snippets” individual files, which means they are remembered between XMetaL sessions (and even after uninstalling).

If there is interest in this please let me know as I may post a version on the forum as a demo. One might think of this feature as a clipboard that allows you to save as many items as you like for future use and select between them when pasting.