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Derek Read

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The API for switching to PlainText view is documented in the Programmer Guide.

The call in VBScript would be:
ActiveDocument.ViewType = sqViewPlainText

You may wish to get a copy of XMetaL Developer, but at least have a look at the Programmers Guide:

You cannot really “search for items in the Attribute Inspector”. When looking for specific attribute values in a document there are several different ways to do this and many APIs that will help with that. All of these APIs are actually looking at the XML source text or the DOM tree. That may sound nit-picky, but it would be confusing if you were looking in the Programmers Guide for APIs to interact with the Attribute Inspector this way and could not find any.

If you could be very specific about what you need to do (for example, after you find a specific value then what?) perhaps someone would be willing to help write an example you could work from.