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Hi Derek, Susan, et al.

Sorry to join the conversation so late, but I would like to request a feature related to this issue. For behavior number three, instead of setting the type attribute to “topic” for all specializations outside of the “DITA Big Three,” why not have XMetaL Author parse the source file and set the topic type the same way that it would for the base specializations?

Except for all but the geekiest writers, it is too much to ask people to set special attributes when adding topics to maps (besides perhaps navtitle and collection-type). Add the fact that writers would need to manually enter the topic type and you're practically begging for DOTX018I messages in your build logs.

I hope that it would not be to difficult to implement the feature so long as the specialized DTD has been registered in XMetaL author. Alternately, would it be possible to override the default behavior with a macro?