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Derek Read

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This issue was corrected for XMetaL Author Enterprise version

Testing with our current release (5.5 SP1) and the IBM FAQ specialization sample included with the DITA OT shows the following behavior for topicref elements in maps after selecting the “Update All References” option:

1. When the type attribute is set to any value it is not modified (I believe this is the behavior you are complaining about in your release).

2. When the type attribute is not set, and the href points to a “topic” or one of the 3 other standard specialized types (reference, task or concept) the referenced file (the target) is parsed to determine the type and the value is set to match.

3. When the type attribute is not set, and the href points to a specialized topic type that is not one of the 4 listed above it is set to the generic value “topic”. This is correct if am reading the DITA specification correctly. If you wish to set this to a more specific value, and you choose to change it from “topic” to another value such as “faq”, #1 above should apply.

I also see during this testing that the version of the DITA OT that ships with our 5.5 release does not seem to check (or care) about the type attribute. With this version (DITA OT setting the type attribute to anything, including something clearly bogus such as “pizza” does not cause the OT to throw errors, so if that is something you were relying on (perhaps you have customized one of the output transtypes specifically to look for certain type values?) you should be aware of that.