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Derek Read

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I can see how this would be an annoyance. The only suggestions I have with our current software (one of which I hope will resolve the problem):

1) Before setting your system to run your scripts set the value(s) high enough that the feature will not be triggered during the expected running time.

2) Manually un-check the “ask before saving” checkbox (which seems to be what you have done already). If this machine is being used to process XML documents perhaps a human never uses it and so you can make this setting permanent.

3) Attempt to incorporate into your scripts the use of the API ActiveDocument.Save() to periodically save the document (after every N of your own changes perhaps).

4) Instead of manipulating your documents using XMetaL Author use XMAX instead. It does not implement the feature that is getting in your way.

We were unaware that clients are using our software to manipulate documents so intensively that it literally takes hours to complete the task. If anyone is in a similar situation XMetaL Support would be interested to hear about what you are doing in detail. Our development team is working on some projects that might eventually aid in this area.