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Here are the things I know about that would be of interest to a non-DITA user (starting at 4.6)

In one of those releases…possibly 5.0. I couldn't check because its readme's new features section sends you back to xmetal.com which brings us to justsystems.com… 🙂
* You undo history is no longer reset when you save a document.

In 5.5 a couple of new APIs:
* 'xml': a DOMElement extension property that returns a string representation for the DOM element and all its child elements.
* 'ShowEditButtonInAttributeInspector': a _Document method that causes the Attribute Inspector to show an ellipsis (“…”) pushbutton within the grid attribute value cell for a given attribute. The new On_Edit_Attribute_From_AI event-macro will fire whenever the user clicks on the ellipsis pushbutton.

Probably some of that Vista stuff applies to everyone.

If there's anything else that applies to non-DITA users that I've missed, I'd be interested in seeing it. It's quite a bit a of work to sort through all those readmes.