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Derek Read

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When you see a red X on your toolbar that means it is floating. Clicking the X simply docks the toolbar in this case (as if you were closing a window or dialog box).

If you have created the toolbar using the “Toolbar and Menu Customization” dialog (accessed either by right clicking on the toolbar area and selecting “Customize” or by selecting the “Toolbars…” option on the View menu) then you use that same dialog to delete them. Select your custom toolbar from the list then click the Delete button. I am attaching a screen shot of what you should be looking at.

For built-in toolbars the same button says “Reset” because you cannot delete built-in toolbars this way, you can only restore them to show their default items.

If you have created the toolbar via script (that sounds unlikely in this case, but just in case you have) the best way to remove them is also via script. Use the CommandBars object's APIs to get to your particular toolbar and then use the Delete method to remove it.