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Derek Read

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Error 1402 is a Windows error. In this case it means InstallShield is unable to write to a particular registry key, but the registry key that is shown in the error is not a proper key (no keys actually begin with “UNKNOWN”). My first guess is that this is related to increased security, possibly implemented by your IT people (in other words your Windows account has a reduced level of permissions to perform certain actions).

Very likely the key in question is actually this one (which references a COM component our installer installs and must register with Windows):

I would check the following first:
1) Are you installing to a supported version of Windows: XP or Vista?
2) Do you have permissions to modify the key listed above? This is something you may need to check with your IT people. You may need to get someone with higher permissions to install the software on your machine.

If that doesn't help please contact XMetaL Support and reference this post.