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Derek Read

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Sort of getting off track here I think, because you say you have the 64-bit version of the TFS tools installed. I think the best possible option would be to locate a 32-bit version of those tools instead. Then if they don't work in the 64-bit Windows Explorer (external to XMetaL) you would use the following workaround to launch 32-bit Windows Explorer when you need to work with TFS outside of XMetaL (if that is something you would need to do).

Microsoft is aware of this issue (presumably they have had enough complaints from users of various 32-bit shell extensions). They have documented a workaround here:

Note: That contradicts the Wikipedia article I linked to previously. It says this allows you to launch the 32-bit version of Windows Explorer.

Or you could just not worry about any of this (seems like more headache than benefit to me) and just open files from Windows Explorer directly by dragging and dropping them onto XMetaL Author's titlebar, or by double clicking them (provided you have XML files associated with XMetaL), or by right clicking and selecting “Open in XMetaL”.