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Derek Read

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I have not tried this, but I understand Team Foundation Server has a “Power Tools” download:

That is supposed to provide you with access to check-in/out functionality from within Windows Explorer. The same functionality should then be available within XMetaL Author's Resource Manager on the Desktop tab (which displays what is essentially a miniaturized and modified copy of Windows Explorer). That might be good enough to cover what you're asking for.

There are no plans at this time for JustSystems to offer an integration with TFS, though that does not mean we would not contemplate creating one in the future given enough demand. In most cases the vendor of the CMS system takes on this task, though in a few cases we have done this work (the Documentum and IBM IICE integrations are maintained by us).

TFS is really a source control system and not a “CMS”. We have traditionally partnered with companies offering CMS capabilities because, I believe, we think they better suit our clients' needs.

We are working on a list of CMS systems that our products integrate with as well as systems that integrate with our products (a longer list). I expect that to be posted on the main website when it is ready.