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Derek Read

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We do impose a limitation for conrefs between different domains (as per this portion of the spec http://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/v1.1/OS/archspec/conref.html), but we don't think that's your issue and the error you are seeing may be raised for some other reason.

I've discussed this with “XMetaLOldTimer” and we suspect you have changed the DTDs (you don't mention that). You do mention the file catalog-dita.xml which is the catalog used by the DITA OT in the OT's root folder. If you only modified this file then that explains why the DITA OT would be working. XMetaL doesn't use that catalog, so you need to ensure the DITA DTD files under the AuthorDITADITA_OT_DTD folder have the same changes.

If you have modified the base topic types (e.g. topic.mod) and/or entities AND not changed the PUBLIC or SYSTEM ids, you will likely need to make adjustments to AuthorRulesdita.soc and AuthorDITAXACsdita_xac_catalog.xml files as well.  These are the catalogs that XMetaL and the DITA features rely upon for resolution of DTD and entity files.

When no changes have been made to the base topic types themselves the procedure outlined in our Help for “Working with DITA Specializations” should do all of that work automatically. However, it needs to make assumptions and one of the assumptions is that the base files have not been modified.

Note that all of this assumes that a CMS is not involved. When a CMS is involved you need to follow the procedure outlined (or demoed) by the CMS integration vendor. In some cases (as with Documentum) the DTD needs to be flattened and in other cases there may be other requirements.