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I think I found the issue. My shell copy of topicDefn.ent contained the following entity:
                      “-//OASIS//ENTITIES DITA Common Elements//EN”
                      “commonElements.ent”                          >

The problem with the entity is that I don't have a copy of commonElements.ent in my local shells folder. When I changed the public and system ID to match the my local shells (as declared in catalog-dita.xml), all conrefs resolved and I can set new ones using the Reuse menu commands.

Well, I still cannot set a conref from a shell topic to a base DTD topic. This is not a major issue, since everyone at our company is required to create topics that use the local shells, but I would think that topics based on specialized or configured DTDs should be able to conref content from topics based on base DITA DTDs.

So I will say it again, but much less urgently this time. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I will search my local shell files for broken references like the one above.