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Derek Read

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I don't have a quick answer for how to fix this, but I will log it as a defect in our tracking system. I would expect the functionality in Single HTML to be similar to Multiple HTML, at least when it comes to the encoding being UTF-8 and inserting all characters as themselves rather than changing them to named character entities. Even though all browsers must be able to render these entities (to comply with the W3C recommendations) there doesn't seem to be any really good reason for it (so my feeling is that it is just an oversight on our side).

Note that Single HTML is not offered as an output type by the DITA OT. Multiple HTML is included with the DITA OT (where it is referred to as the “xhtml” transtype). So, the reason Single and Multiple differ is because Single is our own creation.

If development is able to research this and provide an answer (before our next release) I will post it here for people that wish to attempt to alter the behavior themselves.