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Derek Read

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Very likely this is the issue. I would not recommend having both installed on the same machine when xflayout.exe is being used. xflayout.exe launches XMetaL Author (or “XMetaL” for the 3.x and earlier releases) in order to retrieve information about properties, methods and objects defined. A particular xflayout.exe version that ships with XMetaL Developer really needs to be used with at least the same major version of XMetaL Author. You likely also have two copies of xflayout.exe installed, so it isn't clear which you are using (an old one included with XMetaL 3 and a new one included with XMetaL Developer 5.0).

To correct this I would uninstall everything XMetaL-related and just install the 5.0 release of XMetaL Developer to work with XFT. If you need to continue to support XMetaL 3 users it would be best to continue development of their customization on a different machine and test it there. If you built something with 3.x it should work in 5.x but not vice-versa as some file formats have evolved (primarily CTM, TBR and XFT) and the 3.x release may raise errors when it sees a new file format it doesn't recognize.