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Hi Su-Laine,
The idea of creating and linking conrefs for every para is kind of akin to sticking pencils into our eyes. Yuck.
Working with conditional text has gotten way too complicated for two reasons. First, the topics themselves are getting huge and very colourful. Second, writers may need to lock a topic for a product release and another product release, that uses the topic, may be in production. We don't want the entire topic locked out.
We're trying to make the content more flexible. We're in a situation where multiple writers may touch a topic, and some of those writers work off-site. We can't have topics locked up and unavailable when the topic is applied to up to 6 products.
Plus, while writer A is adding content to the topic writer B may be needing to do comment incorporation.
We don't want to spend hours replicating topics and maps for books as the overall structure is very standard.
So, we're experimenting with creating reuseable components with the entire section (section tags, index entries, title, and then product-specific content).
The writers work in the reuseable component, so even if they have the live copy locked, the topic itself can be compiled.