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The reusable component is an XMetaL thing that can be made usable for any schema or DTD – this is older than DITA! For DITA the conref mechanism is achieving the same but with other means. The current spec 1.1 is limited to single element reuse (a section with many p elements as contents is such a single element). The new DITA spec 1.2 supports conref ranges to reuse step 3 to 5 out of 8 steps of a task for example. Support of DITA 1.2 is not yet announced as far as I know.
Therefore: either conref each element of a sequence on its own by adding an id attribute value to the source elements (you may rename the GUID based autogenerated IDs to speaking names like “myPara01”, but stick to XML rules of NMTOKEN or ID). Then you can insert a conref via menu in XMetaL 5.1 or 5.5.
You are not the only one that does not like to do 10 conref insertions for 10


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